1) A newspaper in Scotland called "Scotland" on Sunday will run an article
about a plan to introduce reef balls on The Coast of Arran.

2) In the first coral propagation and transplant project on the west coast
of Florida (and possibly the entire Gulf of Mexico) Manatee County
Artificial Reef Staff, Reef Ball Foundation Staff and Volunteers from the
Parrot Head Club completed Reef Ball Foundation coral propagation and
transplant training on Tuesday and Wed. of this week.  We added the
following corals to the Eternal Reef Deployment on 7 mile Reef South in
Manatee County.  A moment of silence was held at the conclusion of
transplanting in memory of the individuals in the memorial reef. The hard
corals were captive breed and propagated over a two-year period entirely in
the Reef Ball Research Aquarium tanks under a research permit from the FDEP.

Here is the record we have of the plantings.  Number tags identify each Reef
Ball and individual Eternal Reef Balls with plaques were also noted by name.
(Common, not scientific names used)

#328 One Purple Sea Whip
#324 Two Purple Sea Whips
#311 Nance B. McChesney 4 Purple Sea Whips, one Ivory Tree Hard Finger Coral
#309 One Ivory Tube Coral (Hard), one Ivory Tree Hard Finger Coral
#313 three Ivory Tree Hard Finger Corals
#307 Gerrud Havenga 4 Purple Sea Whips, one Ivory Tree Hard Finger Coral
# 312 two Ivory Tree Hard Finger Corals
# Unknown one Ivory Tree Hard Finger Coral
Main Plaque 2001 Community Reef one Ivory Tree Hard Finger Coral

Note: This was a volunteer project, Reef Innovations donated the Reef Ball
Epoxy and Reef Ball Foundation donated the training and boat transportation.

3) Reef Ball staff will be in Barcelona Spain from the 23rd-31st...during
this time our headquarters will be closed but we will still be monitoring
You can call the Reef Ball Foundation at 770-752-0202 or Reef Innovations at
941-650-2519 during the headquarters closure for information too.

4) Reef Ball have been ordered for Nova Scotia for an under dock project to
enhance lobster and fish habitat.

5) MSSA continues efforts in the Chesapeake bay area (see
www.artificialreefs.org in the News Section for new articles)

6) Initial (raw data) results of the Army Corp of Engineer Reef Ball
Submerged breakwater testing have been published on our world mapping system
under the state of Mississippi where the Army Corp Experimental Station is
located.  Go to http://www.reefball.com/map/world.htm

7) Reef Ball Foundation has completed it's report for the Bahrain Artificial
Reef Program found also in the mapping system under Middle East > Bahrain.

8) The Reef Ball Foundation has agreed to fund the training and mini-bay
mold for "Sustainable Livelihoods through Sustainable Resource Management, A
Prospectus for Coastal and Marine Community Solutions in South Sulawesi,
Indonesia.  Interdisciplinary Group for Environmental Justice in Coastal and
Marine Communities" Ohio University and Hasanuddin University Reef Ball

9) A permit has been applied for 2 Pallet Balls to be placed under a dock in
the Florida Keys.