11) Martin County has their new Reef Ball mold trailer (see picture attached)

complete with everything schools or community organization need to build
their own Reef Balls.  This is a community resource for Martin County,
Florida so take advantage of it.  Contact Kathy Fitzpatrick at
kfitzpat@martin.fl.us for more information or go to the Reef Ball World
Mapping System and click on Martin County Florida.

2) We have a totally new website for Reef Ball Volunteer Services Division
http://www.reefball.com/reefballcoalition/index.html It contains information

on how volunteers can get involved with Artificial Reef Construction &
Deployment, Coral Reef Restoration Activities, Coral Propagation & Planting,

Coral Rescue and Transplanting,  Red Mangrove Planting and Monitoring & Data

Collection.  It also contains information about our

New Volunteer Response Teams

-Ship Grounding Immediate Assessment and Recovery Team
-Hurricane Rapid Coral Recovery Team
-Coral Rescue and Transplant Team (Corals Imperiled by dredging, sand
renourishment, etc.)
-Cable Laying Biological Optimization Team
-Mangrove Loss Recovery Team
-Reef Ecosystem Damage Assessment Team
-Hard Coral Preservation using Genetic Coral Banks Team
-Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) Lobster Reefculture Team

3) The Reef Beach Company now has their website open at

4) Certificates of Recognition for Coral Team members are now online at

5) We have updated our articles in the press section (now 600+ articles
about Reef Balls) http://www.artificialreefs.org/Articles/news.htm
-New video about the Tampa Bay Watch MacDill Air force Base Reef Ball
-New articles about schools using the Martin County Reef Ball Production
-And many more including Harlee Middle School project in Bradenton,
Malaysian Projects, etc.

6) The Maryland Environmental Service and Oyster Recovery Partnership are
co-hosting a Reef Ball training and demonstration pour event on Monday,
March 29, 2004 and Tuesday, March 30, 2004.

The event is this season's kick-off for grant-supported introduction and use

of Reef Balls as designed reef structures to provide three-dimensional
habitat for multiple species and additional sports fishing opportunities.
MES gratefully acknowledges grant support from the Chesapeake Bay Trust and
Fish America Foundation, Abell Foundation, Exxon-Mobil Foundation and Reef
Ball Foundation as well as the encouragement and in-kind support provided
and planned by various reef partners.

The event will provide Reef Ball training for the MES and ORP staffs and
also for MSSA volunteers who are producing small Reef Balls. The event will
also present the technology to reef partners and demonstrate the potential
for volunteer opportunities to produce Reef Balls.

Questions regarding the event can be addressed to me by email or phone
(410-974-7261 0ffice; 443-223-0057 cell phone).

7) Efforts to build a Reef Ball Submerged Breakwater to protect the beach at

Lamish Harbor, Scotland continue.

8) Reef Ball Foundation board of directors will meet at the Canola Hilton,
near La Romana Airport in the Dominican Republic (site of the newest Reef
Ball submerged breakwater) on May 21st, 2004.  We will also be doing
demonstration coral propagation and transplanting project.

9) The Marriott on Grand Cayman Island (that already has a Reef Ball
submerged breakwater) is making plans to do a coral propagation and
transplanting project using hotel guests.

The Reef Ball Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit publicly supported charity.

 All donations to the Foundation are used to directly support projects as
Reef Ball does not offer salaries unless the position is funded through
services or salary intended donations.  Donations, even in small amounts are

greatly appreciated as they help to maintain our Public status.  Donations
should be mailed to the Altanta Office (www.reefball.org).  This message is
for subscribers to the Reef Ball Foundation Email update service.


Todd R. Barber
Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation
Division President, Reef Ball Services Division

6916 22nd Street West
Bradenton, FL 34207
Direct 941-720-7549
Office 941-752-0169