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Date: Apr 26 2000 19:36:18 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) 10 Reef Balls were deployed this week in Dominica at Castaways Resort
by the Reef Ball Coalition within 3 days, the balls were held 4 different
types of fish schools (unknown species)  (1000+ individuals) of freshly
settled juvenile fish, a 3 week old Sergeant Major, 3 month old juveniles
in the snapper family, and one large spiny puffer fish. The Reef Balls
from the prior trip where covered in hundreds of  fish of various types
but the group especially enjoyed a resident black frog fish and sea horse.
A full account of the trip will be forthcoming.

2) Reef Ball Foundation, Inc. formed an alliance with Applied
Marine Technologies, Ltd. that prorogate and farm tank raised corals which
will be offered for transplantation on Reef Balls following strict native
species & density only policies of the Reef Ball Development Group.  This
will allow for faster development of coral reef systems in areas such as
the Caribbean Sea where sterile clear waters increase the time it takes to
develop fully diverse systems.  Information on this will be available on
the Reef Ball web site in the next few weeks.

3) The Portland Cement Organization is doing an
article about Reef Balls.

4) Parque Garrafon in Isla Mujeres, Q. Roo Mexico will be getting 25 Reef
Balls as part of an underwater “museum”. Ecosistemas Artificiales, a Reef
Ball Authorized contractor for Mexico headed by Roberto de la Torra will
be constructing the project.

5) The Abyss Dive Club in Philadelphia, PA. is putting together a Reef
Committee to explore ways to do Reef Ball projects and is looking for
local support partners

6) A college student of Bogor Univ. Of Agriculture, Bogor, Indonesia is
about transplantation of two species of Acropora in two depths is Pari
Island, Thousand Island, Jakarta. 
If you have any specific information about transplanting these species
onto Reef Balls please contact the student directly at

7) A Natural Resource Manager at "Plantaion PortoMari" a Sustainable
Development project, situated on the island of Curacao Netherlands
Antilles is looking into a Reef Ball project .  They are looking  to form
partnerships with other environmentally concerned organization and
institutions, it is our hope that we will be able to work together to help
save the coral reef.


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