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1) Reef Ball Development Group and Reef Innovations completed construction
training for the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort Reef Ball Submerged
Breakwater Project last week.  See in the Photo
Gallery for pictures.  Installation of the Reef Balls is sceduled to begin
next month after construction of 200 Ultra sized Reef Balls.

2) 200 Reef Balls were deployed yesterday in Sarasota Bay on the Walker

3) Sea Search of Virginia is adding Ultra Sized Reef Balls to their

4) Maryland Environmental Service is now officially an authorized Reef Ball
contractor for Maryland.

5) The State of New Jersey issued an RFP for deploying approximatly 500 Reef
Balls each year for the next three years.  Bids are due by 9/4/02 to the

6) Royal Carribean Cruise Lines has applied for permits to use Reef Balls at
Coco Cay in the Bahamas.

7) The PADI Aware Foundation--Europe, which is doing on-going Reef Ball
scuba related projects throughout Europe, has moved their offices to
Talackerstrasse 89A
CH 8404 Winterthur
++ 41 52  243 32 32 (Office)
++ 41 52  243 32 34 (Direct line Nicole Dietrich)
++ 41 52  243  32 33 (Fax)

8) Access Sarasota TV19's show "Inside Sarasota County Government" is doing
a story on the Reefball Project in Sarasota Bay. This story will air in the
September show.

9) The proceedings of the 7th CARAH (A European Artificial Reef Scientific
Conference) are now available from the conference organizers. If you need a
copy, fill out the form at: and send it
to them by fax (+45 33 93 42 15) or regular post.


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