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Date: Aug 17 1999 15:05:52 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #103

1) Reef Innovations has confirmed that the Kirbo Memorial Reef (consisting of over 600 Reef Balls) will be constructed in at least two locations. One location planed is St. Augustine Florida at the Lighthouse and the construction will be available for public viewing. Another construction site will be in Jacksonville, Florida. There will be many public groups participating in the project including high schools, research dive teams, county artificial reef programs and many others. The reef will demonstrate a variety of new and innovative techniques for constructing Reef Balls to meet specific end use goals. Stay tuned for continued information on this exciting project.

2) The Reef Ball Foundation approved a grant for a Reef Ball project in Tasmania, Australia.

3) Reef Balls are being investigated for use in Antartica to study pollution effects on marine invertebrates in the Antarctic.

4) 2 Projects in Kuwait are currently considering Reef Ball systems for use in the Arabian Gulf.

5) Reef Ball staff will be attending the International Conference on Artificial Reefs in Italy...if you would like to meet with Reef Ball representatives, they will arrive several days before the conference. You can arrange an appointment by contacting the Reef Ball office at 941-752-0169.

6) Several new videos of Reef Balls are being place on the Reef Ball website today.

7) Reef Ball staff will be in Cancun, Mexico from this Friday until next the Reef Ball office if you would like to make an appointment for a visit.

8) Here's some food for thought... "The nations only hurricane tested and hurricane proven artificial reef systems, scientfically designed and engineereed as the most stable and effective "stand-alone" manufacturered Reef System"...any reef builder can say this, only Reef Ball can prove it....beware of false and misleading claims.

Have a great week.


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