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Date: Aug 24 1999 16:02:28 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #104

1) A Reef Ball monitoring team (Including Roberto De La Torres and Todd Barber) shot 45 minutes of Digital 8 underwater footage of a 4 year old Reef Ball reef in Cancun, Mexico this past weekend. The footage dramatically demonstrates Reef Balls ablity to create natural reef systems with abundant hard corals, soft corals and complex fouling assemblies. An edited version will be available on our website within a week or two.

2) Reef Ball is proposing a submerged Reef Ball breakwater system to protect 14 Kilometers of Cancun's Hotel Zone beaches using a new Reef Ball breakwater system consisting of specialized Reef Ball units 6-8 feet high and 8-16 feet wide. Further details are not currently available due to the propritary nature of this project.

3) A themed pier which offers snorkeling, and scuba opportunies in Cancun is planing 300-400 Reef Balls to be deployed in the activities area of the pier.

4) The premier addition of "Reef Watch", a full color tabloid sized newsletter from the Reef Ball Coalition will be available soon. Make sure you are signed up for your copy...go to

5)Reef Innovations has contracted to make and deliver 400 Reef Balls for another project in North Carolina this month.

6) Reef Innovations is moving (today) its moble operations from Sarasota to Jacksonville and St. Augustine (Florida) for the Kirbo Memorial Reef Project consisting of over 600 Reef Balls to be deployed in October. Reef Innovations will return to Sarasota after this project is completed.

7) Sarasota County solicted Bids last Friday for the construction and deployment of 140 Reef Balls to be deployed on the Walter Reef Site in Sarasota Bay on or before September 30, 1999.

8) Eternal Reefs is displaying at the CANA convention in Baltimore, Maryland this week.

9) From our distributor in Austrailia...A small snippet out of the Environmental Manager Magazine, "Malaysia trials anti-trawler tactic.... The Malaysian Government is trialing the use of rough-surfaced cement Reef Balls to rip trawler nets in areas where trawling is illegal. The balls are very effective at damaging the nets, according to a report in the New Straits"


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