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Date: Aug 26 1999 11:38:31 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Coral Reef Video & Update

Message #105

1)FROM CORALATIONS in PUERTO RICO: "U.S. Dept. of Agriculture is interested in doing something with the Reef Balls. They have done some work with fish attractors in the past and are now involved in coastal zone management issues and can access restoration funds. This is what we were told last week. They have also just found us an excellent place to store the container and molds during storm season.

Culebra now has a Marine Fishery Reserve Area - with fishing restrictions and enforcement! This is a first for Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association has just spoken out against the government's primary sewage outfalls in Puerto Rico. This, as I'm sure you realize is really huge - for tourism to come out and question the safety of their own coastal waters in order to effect positive change -very courageous. The vice president of tourism agreed to hear our initial presentation on these outfalls and coastal water quality in Puerto Rico in large part because they associated CORALations with the Reef Balls. Reef Ball has made a difference through this ripple effect. Congratulations on this to you also- high visibility does make a difference too. Thanks again for the Clean Water Victory for our Coasts - what a lobby!
-Mary Ann

2)We've just finished the editing of our Cancun Reef Ball Monitoring Video 8/99. It's on the web and availble in many formats.

This high-color video documents the growth on Reef Balls after 3 years in a tropical coral reef system. It is available on Digital Hi-8 Format (or less if desired) for Press, or other publicity related uses. It is an order of magnitude more beautiful with each increase in format (The Hi-8 Digital is breathtaking!). If you want to know why Reef Balls really are coral reefs, just view this. You will eliminate the word, "Artificial Reefs" from your vocabulary when you view this video!

The video is set to light Jazz music with titling of some of the corals, invertebrates and fish making their homes on Reef Balls.

Here is what to expect in the scenes (in order of appearance):
-Beautiful Pallet Ball covered with growth
-Cleaning Shrimp in a Curly Que Anemone
-Puffer Fish (Blow Fish)
-French Angel
-Spiney Lobsters
-Hard Corals
-Branching Fire Corals
-French Grunts
-Black Globe Sponge
-Blue Chromis
-Sea Fans
-Gorgonian Corals (Soft)
-Blue Headed Wrasse (both phases)
-Interconnected Holes
-Christmas Tree Worms (retracting into Reef Ball)
-Grey Angel
-Sponges and hydroid communities
-Gorgonian in Vortex (Whirlpool effect of Reef Ball Holes)
-Blug Tangs
-Tunicates in Vortex
-Fire Red Sponges (inside Reefball)
-Scorpion Fish
-360 Rotating Pallet Ball
-Blue Angel fish, Cuban Wrasse
-Queen Parrot Fish (Following her around Reef Balls)
-Sargent Major Fish & Yellow Tail Snapper
-Scene of Single Reef Ball
-Ends in shot of coral

We have serveral versions (all are the same 11 min. and 30 sec.) on the web from 5 MB to 17MB...pick the largest one you have patience and equipment to's worth the better quality! You will need the Real Player (get it at to view the video.

(Expect the higher quality, larger files to be posted within 24 hours...the 5 MB file is on-line now and the 17 MB file is posting now and should be on-line within 3 hours)

Quicklink to and download now!

Enjoy the show!


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