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Date: Aug 31 1999 15:27:29 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #106

1) Les Debrouillards is a French children's show in Canada that will air a segment on Reef Balls in an episode about the many wonders of "It Floats-Ca Flotte"

2) A Resort in Fiji is considering the purchase of Reef Ball mold systems for a project.

3) 2 more Reef Ball molds where shipped yesterday to Indonesia.

4) Reef Innovations now has 33 Reef Ball molds set up inside a large building in the Jacksonville Waterfront district (across from the Gator Bowl)and casting for the Kirbo Memorial Reef will begin on Monday. Reef Innovations can be reached on their moble phone 941-650-2519.

5) The Fall edition of UnderWater magazine will have an detailed article on Reef Balls. Subscriptions are free! Here's contact information for the magazine.

Daron Jones, Editor
UnderWater Magazine
5206 FM 1960 West, Suite 107, Houston, TX 77069 USA
800-457-6459, (281) 440-0278, Fax (281) 440-4867

6) The Reef Ball office is adding Digital Hi-8 editing and output equipment to the offices this week. If your needs include broadcast quality Reef Ball footage we should be better equiped to handle your requests.

7) Scuba monitoring was conducted yesterday several Reef Ball Reefs in the Sarasota area.

The Sarasota Sport Fish Anglers Club reef had very low visablity (less than one foot) but divers still observed an incredibly diverse community of sponges and other attaching organisums has taken hold with hieghts up to 6 inches off the balls (in just one year). The Pequenaconck Middle School Plaque made of bronze was still highly visiable.

Offshore on the "M-4" Reef Balls, visability was much better (30 feet) and the team observed fish concentrations that where higher than the monitoring teams have ever encountered before in this area. Divers encountered massive schools of pelagics including Spanish Mackerel, baracuda, jacks, and many other. Also observed were abundant reef associated species including grouper, snapper, angelfish, jewfish (one jewfish was estimated at 6 feet in length), flounder, and many more. Growth was also excellent.

Have a good day!


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