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1) From Curacao, "Last Sunday we deployed another 80 Reef Balls for a snorkel trail. It went very smooth, we started at 10.30 and by 3.00pm everything was in and we even had an hour lunch time in between.  Wonderful stuff that cement (Reef Ball Plug Cement) , we used it a lot and in different ways in the coral breeding research project from Rotterdam Zoo. I sent you a few pics of the new coral recruits because now you can see them clearly on the balls (if you know what to look for)."  (Go to --> Photo Gallery --> Curacao 8 Month Monitoring Update to see the new naturally recruited corals)

She also sent us a picture of an Acropora (staghorn coral) that was 8.5 months old planted on the top of a Pallet Ball sized Reef Ball.  Here it is...sorry about the extra download time but it's a great shot. (This was planted on the Reef Balls when it was less than 1 inch long coral fragment 8.5 months ago).

2) Mandarin High School in Jacksonville Florida sent us some photos of their 2001/2002 Reef Ball Project.  Go to --> Photo Gallery --> Mandarin High School


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