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1) WWF Philippines has ordered a Reef Ball system with our coral plug
adapters for use in a small demonstration project.  It is being sponsored by
Captain Douglas Price, who has been "sprouting" Reef Ball projects around
the world during his boating journeys.

2) The Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant Foundation had donated $5,000 to the
Reef Ball Foundation for general support again this year.  We wish to extend
a very special thank you for the continued support.  The trustees of this
foundation are avid scuba divers and they are pleased to support our
projects.  Last year's fund helped us to develop our coral transplant
technologies used in so many of our tropical projects currently.

3) Eternal Reefs reports that the next Sarasota deployment will have 14
individual's memorial Reef Balls.  (see for more

4) Andres Baquero of the Fundación Natura in Ecuador received a donation of
2000 pounds of cement for use in a Reef Ball Foundation project to
transplant/propagate corals in Ecuador. This project is in need of
additional outside funding to acquire molds and for training.  Potential
donors are invited to contact the Reef Ball Foundation. Or, contact the
project leader directly for more details ANDRES BAQUERO

5) A review from the perspective of relevance to coral cultivation and
propagation on Reef Balls for coral restoration or reef creation work of 
 Book of Coral Propagation, Volume One, Version 1.0, Reef Gardening for
Aquarist, A Concise Guide to the Successful Care and Culture of Coral Reef
Invertebrates by Anthony Calfo.
Available at or email

Reviewed by Todd R. Barber, Reef Ball Foundation, Inc. Dec 2001

For just $36 bucks, this book packs a lifetime of information about coral
propagation, culturing and the equipment required to support corals outside
of the ocean (aquariums or coral farms).  I especially liked his first
person, straightforward writing style that makes you feel like your having a
personal conversation with the author in every chapter.

Most using Reef Ball's coral propagation and transplant systems won't need
all the technical knowledge contained in the first 222 pages of the book.
But if you are setting up a coral farm, public display of your project, or
working with the soft corals without woody stems then this has all the
information you'll need to do it right.  Educators or even experimenters and
researchers will benefit from the ideas presented in the book..

However, Reef Ball folks take note pages 236-320 are packed with species
specific tips.  I'll bet that if you  are having trouble with a particular
species that you can find information here that will improve your success
rates..that alone is worth the 36 bucks.

A short but important section, starts on page 365."Coral Propagation
Techniques" and has some great ideals for fragmenting, dividing, and
otherwise coxing corals to bear new corals.  Just after that there's a great
section on tools of the trade...All tools that will be useful in your Reef
Ball project.

Although geared totally to the aquarist, there is a ton of other useful
information in this book. even including a nicely done glossary of common
terms.  Even though at first glance you might think this book is just for
the aquarist. don't be fooled.  Those of us doing coral reef plantings and
restoration in the wild open ecosystems have as much to learn from aquarists
as others sciences have learned from captive land animals

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