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Date: Feb 11 2000 15:10:58 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #142

1) A new television series "Jules Unlimited" from VARA Television in The Netherlands will film one of our newest projects in Napier, New Zealand. The New Zealand project is taking shape with exciting details to follow on future updates.

2) The Reef Ball Foundation has become a designated Major sponsor for Dive Into Earth Day. Soon, an official website that will contain sample press releases the organizations can use to send out, The Dive In Logo, How to do a beach clean-up kit, how to do an underwater clean-up, on how to build a reef kit and links-on how to sign up for a Reef Ball Coalition trip, etc.

3) The Environmental News Network will publish a feature article on reef balls on the 24th of February. In conjunction with the article, they are staging a chat on the topic and on the general health of the world's coral reefs. This chat would run the same day as the article, at 8 p.m. ET on their website: The chat will be moderated by Todd Barber, President of Reef Ball Development Group. Here's your chance to log in and chat live with Mr. Barber with any of your questions about our worlds ocean ecosystems.

4) BREEF has ordered several Reef Ball mold systems for school and educational projects in the Bahamas.

5) Spaces are filling fast to join the Tanya Streeter lead (world record free diver) Reef Ball Coalition trip to Dominica. See for details to reserve your space on this celebrity lead trip.

6) Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. (an authorized Reef Ball contractor out of Pensacola, Florida) purchased a new barge and outfitted her with a 30 ton crane. The new barge gives them capacity to deploy even more Reef Balls with each trip. The crane insures upright and intact placement on the sea floor.


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