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Date: Feb 16 2000 08:52:42 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #143

1) The Bahamas Department of Fisheries has been given the green light to establish five no-take marine reserves, Department officials announced yesterday. Based on a scientific review, North Bimini, portions of the Berry Islands and the Exuma Cays, South Eleuthera, and the Northern Abaco Cays will be protected. Last year, the Department announced plans to protect additional grouper aggregation sites as part of its Nassau grouper project. Seasonal protected areas have been established in High Cay off Andros, and in Long Island. The Bahamas already has no-take marine reserves in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. Spokespeople for the project say that for the full benefits to be realized, there must be a network of NTMRs large enough to adequately represent the different habitats close enough together for there to be linkages for marine animal and plant life as they move through their life cycles. The Reef Ball Foundation and BREEF are working together to support this effort.

2) Reef Ball Development Group plans on introducing a new Reef Ball will be dubbed the “Mini-Bay Ball” and is expected to weigh in at around 150-250 pounds. This unit will be based on the simpler tether ball method of hole construction (The same method used in making regular size Bay Balls rather than the methods used for Lo-Pro and Oyster sizes reef balls). This introduction is meant to better meet the needs of school and educational programs to provide habitat for older juvenile fish and other life forms in an easy to move size. The Mini-Bay Balls are expected to be popular with the growing under dock market too.

3) From CORALations in Puerto Rico, “I thought you may like to check out these pics. A little care goes a long way - look at the cervicornis...the growth rates are amazing. It seems the stony coral transplants have taken to the reefs balls. The plugs were taken from stressed reef, transplanted to the balls and relocated to an area with good water quality. The study was done by Antonio Ortiz, a graduate student at University of Puerto Rico - Lajas. The Clivosa pic shows a close up of the transplant clearly budding on the reef ball...Photographs of these transplants can be found at

4) There is a ton of activity brewing in New Zealand….over 20 different groups are getting together to organize a Reef Ball project.

5) Sarasota County and Manatee County joined forces yesterday and put out for bid a joint project to place over 700 Reef Balls in Sarasota Bay. The National Estuary Program has assisted the counties in funding and coordinating this exciting project.


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