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Date: Feb 16 2000 14:06:16 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #144

1) PADI A.W.A.R.E., a non-profit foundation associated with PADI Europe (PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and is the largest trainers of scuba divers worldwide) ordered 27 Reef Ball molds today. The molds ordered were: 1 Model Mold for making Mini-Reef Ball for promotion; 3 Oyster Ball Molds; 3 Lo Pro Molds; 12 Bay Ball Molds; 6 Pallet Ball Molds; 1 Reef Ball Mold; 1 Ultra Ball Molds. Also included in the deal were two Reef Ball trainers for a week in Europe and copious spare parts. PADI AWARE will make these molds available to PADI dive shops, dive clubs and other diving groups throughout Europe for projects that enhance diving. Because the molds were provided to PADI AWARE through the Reefs Around the World program of the Reef Ball Foundation, to qualify a project must meet these requirements:

-The projects must be for public benefit (private uses not allowed)
-A monitoring plan must be in place to include a minimum of two underwater video tapings per year for a minimum of three years, a copy of monitoring tapes and results must be sent to the Reef Ball Foundation.
-The Reef Balls can only be deployed where proper governmental permits are issued
-A copy of all articles published in the press should be sent to the Reef Ball Foundation
-A publicity plan should be in place for each project and press releases and articles in PADI publications about Reef Ball projects must include a reference to the Reef Ball Foundationís website, The Reef Ball Foundation is happy to provide photographs and broadcast quality video when needed for publicity.
-The project must keep the Reef Ball Foundation informed about the location and nature of all projects along with deployment coordinates. E-mail updates to are sufficient to meet this requirement.

If you are in Europe and you have an ideal of a Reef Ball project in your area that PADI AWARE might want to support we suggest you contact them and inquire about using the molds.

Oberwilerstrasse 3
CH-8442- Hettlingen

They can tell you more about their program.

Congratulations to the Reef Ball Foundation for helping spread Reef Ball technology throughout the world!

2) The 'Dive Into Earth Day' of which the Reef Ball Foundation is a major sponsor has a web site now at They also now have an official logo!. (If anyone wants a copy of the ad or the logo, e-mail

3) SAUES (Southern African Underwater Ecology Society), is a non-profit, not for gain organization that is specifically involved in marine ecological research on Coral Reefs is working with the Reef Ball Foundation to create a Reef Ball project.


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