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Date: Feb 17 2000 09:15:45 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update-EPA Article

Message #145

The United States Environmental Protection Agency published in the “Demonstration Projects Series” a report titled, “Punta Gorda Waterfront Juvenile Fisheries Habitat Project” about Reef Balls. We encourage everyone interested in Reef Balls under docks or in estuaries to order a copy of this publication EPA842-F-00-005S (Call 513-489-8190 after the 1st of March…it’s free).

The article summary is as follows:

“Lessons Learned”

- The Reef Balls colonized with oysters and other marine organisms much more quickly than expected under the private docks.

- Within weeks of deployment, large numbers of juvenile and adult fish were utilizing the structures deployed under private docks.

- Water monitoring efforts over the last twelve months around the Reef Balls under private docks have shown "better than expected" levels of dissolved oxygen.

- Reef Balls placed in the harbor were colonized quickly, but crab predation scoured larger organisms. However, regrowth occurred and different species of fish are now attracted to the area.

- Obtaining permits required considerable time and effort. The great success of the project has encouraged state agencies to allow this innovative project to be duplicated in other areas of Florida.

Some nice quotes,

“The project was initiated by a group of conservation minded fishermen who formed the Charlotte Harbor Reefs Assocation…During the planning phases it was determined that concrete Reef Balls were the most environmentally compatible and appropriate type of fishery habitat for the project.”

“It is expected that the great success of this project (Reef Balls under docks) will encourage state agencies to allow this kind of project to be conducted in other areas of Florida”

“The response from private residences to have Reef Balls placed under docks was overwhelming. More than 150 waterfront residents were willing to pay for Reef Balls to be placed under their docks”

“Requests for further information regarding this project continue to come in. The State of Florida is looking at this project as a potential form of mitigation for wetland projects”

We'll have a full copy of the article up on our website within a day or two.


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