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Date: Feb 19 2000 08:24:53 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #147

1) From Environmental News Network.

'Join a live chat with Todd Barber, chairman of the Reef Ball Foundation, about the health of the world's coral reef systems and the threats posed by pollution and other issues. Barber's organization has worked around the world to protect and regenerate coral reefs.

About our guests: Todd Barber is president of the Reef Ball Development Group Ltd. and chairman of the Reef Ball Foundation.

This chat is scheduled for next Thursday from 8 to 9 p.m. ET. '

Go to for more information.

2) The Reef Ball Foundation has approved a grant for research project designed to study the success of artificial reefs in estuarine under-dock environments . . .

‘The purpose is to publicize the potential benefits of creating habitats to encourage the growth of important plant and fish populations in estuarine environments such as the Barnegat Bay area of New Jersey.

Standard oceanographic sampling will be conducted on a bimonthly basis analyzing the water for such characteristics as: dissolved oxygen, PH, salinity, temperature, turbidity, and nitrogen. The latter test will be conducted with the use of the marine biology laboratory equipment at Jenkinson’s Aquarium. In addition, both underwater still photography and videotaping will be conducted at least twice annually to record the progress of the growth of the reef. Over the course of the three-year period of study, fish counts will be taken to further analyze the aquatic environment.

The hypothesis of this study is that, for a minimal cost, homeowners and waterfront commercial establishments alike could help to support the natural ecosystem through the installation of personal reefs, made more accessible through such pre-existing reef designs as those offered by the Reef Ball Development Group.’

3) The Reef Ball Foundation website, is temporarily down this weekend. The technical support staff of our internet provider is working on the problem and we hope the site will be up shortly. In the meantime please visit for your information which is hosted by another company and still operational.


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