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Date: Feb 23 2000 12:22:42 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #148

1) From the Environmental News Network (ENN) Join a live chat with Todd Barber, chairman of the Reef Ball Foundation, about the health of the world's coral reef systems and the threats posed by pollution and other issues. Barber's organization has worked around the world to protect and regenerate coral reefs.

Thursday, 8 to 9 p.m. ET

2) Todd Barber and Tanya Streeter (World Record Freediver) are leading a Reef Ball Coalition trip from April 18-25th to celebrate “Dive Into Earth Day” During the week long trip to the Island of Dominica the volunteers will be building and deploying Reef Balls in a location that will be designated as a marine reserve. There will also be plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying this exotic Caribbean island. Volunteers will be staying at Castaway’s Resort…the island’s premier diving destination. You can join this trip too! Call the Reef Ball Coalition at 1-800-831-5731. The cost per person is $1239 which includes the hotel, many meals, and group activities. Don’t miss this exciting chance to help save the world’s reefs on Earth Day while enjoying a relaxing celebrity led vacation.

3) From Phil Stewman, Teacher at St. Augustine High School and leader of a Reef Ball Project, “One of my students came in yesterday and brought me a tape of a news show in Alabama. The show was about our program and building reef balls. We also are putting up our web site that will have information about our Reef Ball project in about two weeks. The site is”

4) The Reef Ball Foundation is expecting a grant proposal from Phuket, Thailand in association with some dive shops and a graduate student working at Similan Marine National Park.

5) 120 Reef Balls will be deployed late this spring off of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in conjunction with a scientific study by NOVA Southeastern University.

6) A High school oceanography teacher in northern Virginia wants to do a Reef Ball project for her class.

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