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Date: Feb 09 1999 11:01:25 EST
From: Reef Ball's Interested List <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #189

1) From "the gulf off Perdido - the attached photo is after about 16 months submersion at 60 feet - as you can see the ball is completely covered with life - barnacles, sponges, algae, anemones - even a few tiny hard corals taking hold. We're real happy with its progress. G.R. Murchison"--Note Photo will be posted to underwater images in the Reef Ball Photo Gallery-

2) Todd Barber (President of RBDG), Kathy Kirbo (Executive Director of RB Foundation), and Larry Beggs (President of Reef Innovations)will be traveling to Belize, Cancun and Cozumel from the 12-24. The group is starting and training folks for a project in Belize, meeting with a new authorized contractor for Reef Balls in Cancun, and performing monitoring on the Reef Balls in Cancun and the Reef Ball supervised Sculpture Park in Cozumel. The Reef Ball offices will remain open and staffed with the exception of the Reef Ball Foundation which will have an answering machine "manning" the office.

3) Reef Ball staff will be attending a Recreational Fishing Alliance meeting in Miami on the 10th.

4) Reef Ball staff are meeting with Bear Advertising at the Miami Boat Show on the 11th to discuss future projects.

5) Dr Antony Jensen, School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton, Southampton Oceanography Centre, Southampton, SO14 3ZH, UK. Is using Reef Balls for research. A few Reef Balls have already been made and deployed as a test of construction and he plans to add more in April.

6) Also from Dr. Jensen and on another note, researchers, be reminded, abstracts for the 7th CARAH are due in at the end of February 1999. Please send them to me by email, all information is on the webpage at 7th CARAH webpage:

Jay Jorgensen will be handling the updates until Mr. Barber returns from the project so please send information for updates to

Have a great week!


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