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Date: Jan 10 2000 17:01:46 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #138

1) The Army Corp of Engineers at Lake Okeechobee has received $5,000 of public money to enhance their Reef Ball project. Operation Bass is assisting in the project. Reef Balls are expected to be deployed this spring/summer in the lake.

2) The Oman Procreator Reef Ball Project reports, 'The corals on the Reef Balls are now about 40 cm tall.' Photos from this monitoring report will be posted on our web site this week.

3) Reef Ball HQ now has a color fax machine (Brother series). Therefore it is possible to send color faxes to our office if you have a compatible color fax machine. Our fax number is 941-752-1033

4) Allied Concrete and an association of concrete producers in Virginia are proposing to team up with Reef Ball to create education programs for Virginia students to participate in the building and deploying of Reef Balls while learning about the diverse applications and technologies associated with concrete. The Virginia DNR has pledged its support of the program offering permitted areas to use Reef Balls in Virginia state waters according to the artificial reef program goals for the state. This proposed project is still in preliminary planning stages.

5) Jerry Jenson of the Charlotte Harbor Reef Association reported to us on three new potential Reef Ball projects in Lee County. These new Reef Ball reefs will be sited closer to the opening of Charlotte Harbor where there is greater boating access. Jerry Jenson said that they are adding a B/W video tow-fish capability for improved video monitoring of the Reef Balls.


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