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Date: Jul 21 2000 14:46:46 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) Reef Balls will be deployed in Pago Pago in American Somoa during the
Coral Reef Task Force meeting there as part of a project to train locals
to aquaculture live rock rather than harvesting of wild live rock for
aquariums.  Reef Ball staff will be in Pago Pago from Aug. 31 - Sept 14th.

2) 160 Reef Balls are being being built and installed in Ft. Lauderdale by
Reef Innovations this month as part of a restoration effort and scientific
study by NOVA Southeastern University.  Reef Innvoations is also working
on a project for Lake Ockechobee and Sarasota /Manatee County NEP
projects.  Reef Innovations has completed the construction of over 1,000
Reef Balls in North Carolina.

3) Reef Balls are being deployed in the Turks and Cacios this month by the
Reef Ball Coalition and the Living Classrooms Foundation as part of a
marine science field trip for students.

4) A contract for Pallet Balls was awarded by the Georiga DNR to
Geothermal Energy Management.  A second contract for Ultra sized Reef
Balls was awarded to Coastal Reef Builders Inc.  More than 1,000 units
will be deployed in the Georgia project.

5) Training for PADI Aware Reef Ball Europe projects will be at a lake
near Zurich from Sept 1 - 10th.  Dr. Richard Spieler is being sponsored by
the Reef Ball Foundation to provide additional insights to PADI for using
Reef Balls to enhance fisheries.

6) Todd Barber, President of Reef Ball,  has been nominated for election
to the DEMA (Dive Equipment and Marketing Association) Board of Directors.

7) The Virginia Beach Hammerhead Dive Club is planning a Reef Ball project
for Virginia Beach.

8) Molds were shipped to Meridian, Mexico this week for a scientific
project regarding juvenile groupers.

9) There are efforts underway at to stop
dredging and "sand renourishment" which is planned for Vero Beach to will
damage the natural reefs in the area.  Contact Nancy at the above URL to

10) 15 new articles on Reef Balls have been published this month, see our
website for re-prints.

11) Tampa Bay Watch is continuing its Reef Ball under dock program in
Tampa bay with ongoing deployments.


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