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Date: Jul 24 2000 10:42:53 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update-C.O.R.L.

The Reef Ball Foundation's trip to American Somoa next week is being
co-sponsored by C.O.R.L. (A non-profit organization)  In addition to
attending the Coral Reef Task Force Meeting, Reef Ball will be assisting
C.O.R.L. in teaching locals how to aquaculture live rock for the saltwater
aquarium trade...a way to protect natural reefs from live rock harvest.
The Reef Ball Foundation is donating a Reef Ball mold to an aquaculture
co-op on Somoa being set up by C.O.R.L. to produce Reef Balls used as
anchoring substrate for the live rock aquaculture.  Here is some
information about C.O.R.L.

"C.O.R.L.’s main goal is to preserve and protect the worlds coral reefs by:

-Promoting ornamental marine aquaculture (both in situ and tanked).

-Promoting and developing in situ aquaculture as a means of eco-friendly
sustainable income for developing countries.

-Encouraging and developing eco-friendly aquaculture, collecting methods,
and proper holding facilities.

-Educating the marine and reef hobbyist on ways to lessen their impact on
the world’s coral reefs and informing them on issues that concern their

-Educating the Small Island and Developing Nations on ways to lessen their
impact and improve environmental awareness.

-Helping educate the people of developed nations to the problems facing
the coral reefs and the need for their protection.

-Working with the Marine Aquarium Council and the American Marine Dealers
Association to lessen the Marine Ornamental Industry’s effects upon the
coral reefs. 

You can learn more about C.O.R.L. at


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