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Date: Jul 30 2000 14:21:26 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) Reef Ball Sarasota/Bradenton Offices will be closed from July 31-
August 16th while staff are at the Coral Reef Task Force Meetings and an
aquaculture demonstration project in American Somoa (Pago Pago).  During
this time, contact the Reef Ball Coalition (Lena, or
Jason, at 864-879-7543 for information on molds
being shipped, The Reef Ball Foundation (Kathy Kirbo,
at 770-752-0202 for general information, Reef Innovations (Larry Beggs, at 941-720-2519 for information on building or
deploying Reef Balls or Eternal Reefs (Don Brawley, 423-7333 for information about memorial reefs.

You can also contact Sarasota/Bradenton staff by e-mail at but we are unsure of how often they will have access
to e-mail so be patient for a response.  Faxes will automatically be
forwarded to their e-mail accounts.

We are sorry for any inconviences during our travel.

2) Molds were shipped to Germany this week for an authorized contractor.

3) New articles in the press were posted to this

4) Artificial Reef Software released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission for Stabiltiy Analysis is flawed for dome shaped
units in that assumptions were not included for holes.  The software is
not designed to handle advanced designs such as Reef Balls so if you have
stablity analysis requirements for Reef Balls be sure to contact us to get
the most up to date information.

5) The Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd. has received a new application
for an authorized contractor in Malaysia.  

More when we return from Pago Pago...


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