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Date: Jun 13 2000 18:45:06 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) New pictures of the Charles H. Kirbo memorial reef are online at shot by Dr. Lee Harris.

2) Reef Ball staff will give a demonstration to Classroom on Wheels during
the fall program.  Classroom on Wheels is for senior citizens of Sarasota
and Bradenton and the students will learn about Reef Balls in the
classroom then visit the production facility to see Reef Balls being made.

3) Molds were shipped today to Germany for PADI Aware Europe.  The first
deployment is tentatively scheduled for September in a freshwater lake in
Switzerland. Training will also be conducted at that time.

4) 50 Reef Balls will be deployed in Manatee County, Florida,  next
Thursday (June 22nd) weather allowing.  A press boat is available leaving
from Reef Ball headquarters in Bradenton for photographers and writers
covering the story.  A press release will be prepared this week.  If you
would like to cover the story contact Reef Ball headquarters at
941-752-0169 to reserve your space on the boat (space is limited to boat
capacity of 8).

5) Our websites are going through another upgrade, we are working on
easier navigation and shared resources for all the Reef Ball companies.
Please excuse the construction.

6) Reef Ball is opening a new division called "Reef Ball Rocks" which will
create habitats for aquariums based on our Reef Balls.  The website
(officially opening tomorrow) is  Here is some
information from the opening page!  You can visit this site tomorrow and
see some pictures of Reef Balls with non-living growth for tanks.

"From the makers of Reef Ball artificial reefs come "Reef Ball
Rocks"...instant fish habitats with built in bacterial ecosystems for your
aquarium!  Why wait for your tank to "cycle" when you can add a
pre-established "Reef Ball Rock" containing medication resistant* strains
of Nitrosoma sp. and Nitrobacter sp. Bacteria and complete your biological
cycling in half the normal time (or even faster!). 

*(Note: Supplied bacteria are not resistant to copper treatments and some
antibiotics.  To "cycle a tank", the type of bacteria aquarists wish to
promote are the nitrifying bacteria "THE GOOD BACTERIA". These bacteria
are divided into the nitrosoma sp. which oxidizes ammonia (NH2O) and
similar compounds to less toxic nitrates (NO2) and the nitrobacter sp.
which breaks down the nitrites through oxidation into less toxic nitrates
(NO3).  The addition of algae or plants helps to complete the ecosystem by
utilizing the NO3.)
At the same time, you will be adding scientifically designed habitats for
your fish which increases the carrying capacity of your tank so you can
keep more fish and increase the chance for successful breeding*. 

*(Especially beneficial for reef associated or territorial freshwater
species such as Chiclids.  Most saltwater fish kept in aquariums utilize
reef spaces increasing the carrying capacity of the tank, but breeding of
saltwater fish is a technical and difficult process usually requiring
specialized expertise ) 
What's more, "Reef Ball Rocks" are designed to help you maintain a proper
pH balance in your tank because they help guard against low pH*. 
*("Reef Ball Rocks" help to maintain a pH at or above 7.0 but proper pH
testing, adjustments and buffering may still be required based on the
individual needs of each tank  "Reef Ball Rocks" can initially raise the
pH of  freshwater tanks (especially small tanks) so caution should be used
when introducing for the first time to insure adequate buffering is
present to maintain pH and the desired levels).  Saltwater tanks generally
have a pH of 8.2-8.4 and therefore this precaution is not usually
Large sized Reef Balls are used in the ocean and in freshwater lakes
worldwide to restore aquatic eco-systems by the Reef Ball Foundation, a
501(c) 3 nonprofit charitable organization. Your use of Reef Balls helps
to support these efforts and to signal your respect for our worlds aquatic
ecosystems.  There are other ways to get involved restoring aquatic
ecosystems at and too.

Reef Ball Rocks are available with textured surfaces or for advanced
aquarists they are available with pre-grown (non-living)  barnacles,
calcifying tube worms, oysters and other reef building organisms!
(Aquacultured only... no natural reefs were destroyed to make these
available to you!)
Saltwater Version including Reef Ball Rocks "Live Rock" Coming Soon!"


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