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1) New Jersey Reef News 2002, published by NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife
is out.  Here is a highlight of some of the Reef Balls deployed and their
Burlington County Fish and Game Protection League Reef-20 Reef Balls
Arnie Becker Reef--20 Reef Balls
Vivian Johnson Reef--40 Reef Balls
Bolger Reef--20 Reef Balls
Sam and Carly's Reef-20 Reef Balls
Edna B. Reef-20 Reef Balls
Michael P. Sendecki Reef-30 Reef Balls
Ken Hall Memorial Reef-20 Reef Balls
Irv Hurd Reef-20 Reef Balls
Visceglia Reef-20 Reef Balls
Karowicz Brothers Reef-20 Reef Balls
Manasquan River Marlin and Tuna Club Reef 1-20 Reef Balls
E.J Lejeune Memorial Reef-40 Reef Balls
Hal the Pal Reef-20 Reef Balls
Bill Hornidge Reef-37 Reef Balls
Jim Dwyer/John Walton Reef-20 Reef Balls
Sea Horse-20 Reef Balls...there were also 25 other individuals and
organizations that sponsored Reef Balls for the N.J. Artificial Reef
Program.  Thanks to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife from Reef Ball for
a great statewide Reef Ball program!!
(The attached graphic showing how Reef Balls improve water quality is from
this newsletter)

2) Reef Ball is working with Marriot Hotel on Grand Cayman Island to help
permit and construct a breakwater reef and a coral protection and
propogation program.  Over 200 Reef Balls are planned for the project.

3) Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen's Association Scholarship Foundation,
Inc. has begun production of Lo-Pro sized Reef Balls for the Cheasapeak Bay.
 They wish to thank W.R. Grace for quickly providing them with a donation of
start up admixtures for their project....thanks especially to Rick Conlin of
W.R. Grace.

4) Reef Relief has set Reef Awareness Week for July 21-27 in Key West.

5) A Review of "Reef Fish Behavior" by Ned Deloach...from Todd Barber, CEO
of Reef Ball
"This is a facinating, MUST HAVE MUST READ (cover to cover...not just as
reference) book....although it is based on primarily Carribean ecosystems
much of the behaviors translate to similar species in other ecosystems.  The
lessons taugh in his candid from the heart style should be in the heart of
every ocean lover.  He's a bit hard on commercial fishing so worldwide
audiences should understand that most of the fish losses in the carribean
are due to large scale commercial fleets, not traditional fisheries.  In
fact, if you read this book closely, you will find he recognizes that fact.
Don't hesitate to buy this book...I suggest you buy several and give them to
your friends!"

6) 100+ Reef Balls were deployed in Mexico Beach, Florida last week.

7) Reef Ball Staff will be staying near Puerta Plata in the Dominican
Republic from Friday until Monday conducting project meetings.  We would be
pleased to meet with any of our past or potential future clients during this
time from the area.

8) As usual, there are new project postings as in
the News section.


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