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Date: Mar 01 2000 16:54:37 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #152

1) Southwest Florida Fishing News has an article in the March 2000 Issue, page 10, “Your Eternal Reef Can Help Save The Oceans” A related item is that Eternal Reefs just completed production of a fantastic 15 minute video detailing the process of creating a memorial reef. The video is available by contacting Eternal Reefs (

2) Several Reef Ball companies (Reef Ball DG, Reef Ball Coalition, Reef Innovations and Reef Ball Foundation) attended the TILT educational conference in Roanoke Virginia this week and gave presentations on Reef Ball educational programs. During the conference, a meeting was held with the Marine Resources Commission, Living Classroom Foundation, Institute for Connecting Research to K-12 and representatives from the concrete industry. A plan was developed to create a statewide Reef Ball educational and production project with the goal of producing thousands of Reef Balls by the schools for the State’s artificial reef program. If you are interested in joining the committee for this project (which communicates by e-mail in an e-groups format) send us your e-mail address and interest perspective and we’ll sign you up. If you are from Virginia and you have a stake in education or reef building….this is your chance to participate in the development and support of this grand effort!

3) Manatee County, Florida revealed its five year artificial reef development plan and it includes 9 sites with Reef Balls including experimental arrays for studying deployment spacing. Each site will ultimately contain between 100-300 Reef Balls.

4) 2 Scientific Papers on the Malaysian Reef Ball project are being presented today at the 20th ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM ON SEA TURTLE BIOLOGY AND CONSERVATION. Reef Balls were used extensively in Malaysia to deter illegal netting which affected threatened sea turtle populations with great success. We’ll get a copy of the papers for posting on the website as soon as they are released.

5) Reef Ball is executing contracts this week to bring in a new authorized contractor to cover New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tonga, Tokelau Islands,Western Samoa, and the Fiji Islands. The Company being formed is called REEF BALL NEW ZEALAND LTD and will be located at 38 McDonald Street, Napier, New Zealand. Reef Ball New Zealand is also in longer term negotiations with the Reef Ball Development Group to secure these areas to be Reef Ball’s sole representatives in these areas.

6) Tauchen Magazine, the largest Diving Magazine in Germany, is writing an article about PADI Aware and the Reef Ball program being undertaken by PADI Aware.

7) Press contacts are invited to join the Tanya Streeter (World Record Free Diver) lead Reef Ball Coalition trip in April at a special price for reporters….contact the Reef Ball Coalition ( for details.

8) We now have a web page showing our best hi-resolution available pictures for the Press online at


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