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Date: Mar 19 2000 14:01:01 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #154

1) From OMAN, "Some exiting news. we have found hard coral growing on the Reef Balls installed 9 -12 months ago South of fahal Island in 4 meter water depth. The fact that it is hard coral has now also been confirmed by a marine biologist. The coral, now about 1 cm in diameter is believed to be Pocilloropora. This is to be confirmed. The finding has excited the marine scientists in the area and no doubt will increase the effort into gathering more scientific data.

The Minisitry of Environment is exhilirated by the news. We will have a project coordination meeting at the end of the month to refocus the scientific work and set out a programme for the installation of additional reefballs"

2) Todd Barber is back in the office after traveling to Argentina and Equator.

3) We have been getting reports from around the state of Florida that the Army Corp of Engineers has been denying state coordinators artificial reef permit renewals. Many coordinators fear that they may be unable to build reefs for 2 years or more. This could also put federal and state funding (Some of which is actually mandated by congress) to be used to build reefs in jeopardy.

4)From Opotiki Aquaculture and Fishing in New Zealand, "This is just a short note to let all those interested in Reefballs around New Zealand that as a group we too are well underway working on a plan to develop two experimental reefs using Reefballs here in the Bay of Plenty. This is in direct response to the excellent article featured in the Jan. Boating N.Z. magazine on reefballs. As a training course under the Whakatohea Training Unit, we have identified deploying Reefballs as being one of the potentially most significant tools in enhancing our fish stocks and environment for hapu and recreational fishers of the area.


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