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Date: May 03 2000 12:14:17 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) Selective availability (errors purposefully introduced into GPS
systems) has been turned off!  This means your regular GPS is now accurate
to within 4.5 yards (whereas before it was only accurate to within about
50 yards)!  This will greatly aid in navigation and in finding your reefs!
Thanks to the US government for the wisdom of allowing this technology for

2) Todd Barber, President of Reef Ball Foundation, Inc., will be
presenting a paper entitled, “Reef Balls: An advanced technique to mimic
natural reef systems using designed artificial reef construction methods”

3) "Plantaion PortoMari" a Sustainable Development project, situated on
the island of Curacao Netherlands Antilles is planning a Reef Ball project
and will be visited by Todd Barber and Kathy Kirbo (Executive Director of
the Reef Ball Foundation)

3) The Jules Unlimited Television feature on Reef Balls shot in New
Zealand, in Dutch, sub-titled in English, will be broadcast in November by
VARA TV in the Neatherlands.

4) Plans continue for a Reef Ball submerged breakwater in the Dominican
Republic in Puerto Plata.

5) Reef Ball will have a full page article in an upcoming newsletter of
the Recreational Fishing Alliance.

6) On May 11th, Tom Cottrell will be meeting with California State Park
officials on the topic of Marine Reserves and he will be giving a
presentation of the Reef Ball video.

7) Reef Innovations is on site producing Reef Balls in North Carolina.
They are out of cell phone coverage so if you need to get in touch with
Larry try his e-mail or just leave a message on his cell phone and he’ll
check daily.  Larry is also planning a trip to the Bahamas to help
B.R.E.E.F. get set up with there new Reef Ball mold systems.

8) The Reef Ball PADI Aware Reef Ball molds for Europe have been
manufactured and the shipping process will soon being.  It appears as
though the first Reef Balls will be in the lake of Zürich during when
training on the mold systems will occur.  A date has not been set for this
training and deployment.

9) Julie Lee of Brooksville, Florida will be filing in for some of Jay
Jorgensen’s web mastering duties for the Reef Ball Development Group and
the Reef Ball Foundation.  Julie participated in the Tanya Streeter lead
Reef Ball Coalition trip in April and is excited to help Reef Ball while
further developing her web skills.  Julie is a full time student and will
work as her schedule permits.  She first became aware of Reef Balls in
1995 when her husband, Shelton Lee, was working for Southdown Concrete
when they undertook a project to build Reef Balls for Hernando County.


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