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Date: May 10 2000 18:13:41 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) First International Symposium on Deep Sea Corals  Science and
Conservation of Deep Sea Corals  30 July - 2 August, 2000  Dalhousie
University  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  The purpose of the Symposium is
to review, discuss and synthesize all aspects of deep sea, cold water
coral biology, ecology, and conservation. 
The symposium will also address climatic reconstruction using corals and
technologies available to map corals. The Symposium will be convened for
three days and is open to scientists, managers, ocean users and all those
with an interest in deep sea corals. 
For more information including the Symposium Program go to the symposium's
web site: 

2) The Rosario´s and San Bernardo's Corals National Park in Cartagena,
Colombia, South America is planning a Reef Ball project in conjunction
with the Reef Ball Foundation.

3) Reef Innovations is training the folks at B.R.E.E.F. (in the Bahamas)
and the staff and kids at  Island School on building and deploying Reef
Balls.  Reef Balls are being used in the Bahamas by schools as an
educational experience and to help gain acceptance of the concept of
marine reserves.  

4)  Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. will be deploying another barge load of
Reef Balls in Mexico Beach, Florida.

5)  A Reef Ball Coalition project for Virginia Beach is being planned
where school kids will be building and deploying 10 Bay Balls this summer.

6) The Reef Ball Foundation is looking for additional volunteer boats to
take people out to the deployment in St. Augustine and Jacksonville on
June 3rd in St. Augustine and June 5th in Jacksonville.  If you have a
seaworthy boat and would like to spend a day volunteering your resources
contact the Reef Ball Foundation (


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