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Date: May 03 1999 15:51:52 EDT
From: Reef Ball's Interested List <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #93

We've been on the road again, we are sorry for the delay since the last update.

1) Reef Ball staff visited Brazil where Ecoplan is working to place 14,000 Reef Balls in conjuction with university scientists, the local community and politicians. Reef Ball construction training was given to update the latest advanced in construction techniques and bottom surveys were completed.

2) Dr. Lee Harris sent STATUS REPORT FOR GRAN DOMINICUS SUBMERGED REEF BALL ARTIFICIAL REEF/BREAKWATER. If you are interest in a copy of the report let us know.

3) Molds were shipped to the Maldive Islands to our authorized contract for the Maldives (Cosmo Enterprises)

4) Three Reefball's were deployed Sunday morning April 18 1999 at 10:30 in Malcolm Bay, in the Parish of St Elizabeth, on the South Coast of Jamaica. The divers participating at the deployment were the Director of the Fisheries Division of The Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. G. Andre Kong, and his assitant Robert along with Mr. Peter W. Kelly of the Natural Resources Conservation Authority. The Reefballs were constructed with the assistance of Mr. Larry Beggs of Reef Inovations of Orlando, Florida who flew down with molds and all the necessary supplies in late 1997.

Mr. James R. Wood, of Chicago, Illinois the Sponsor, was present along with Mr. Carmello Gaitano, his son Juan (JC) Carlos Gaitano and boat Captain Desmond (Peckish) Ebanks, did the handling for the floating deployment. The reefballs were floated approximatley 1/4 mile off shore in calm waters and placed as a cluster in 20 feet of water. Due to turbidity of the water, pictures of the final resting spot are not yet available. The site will be visited every month for servey and fish stock assessment evaluation.

Photos of the construction and deployment to follow.

Jim Wood 312-849-3250

5) From Malaysia, "Its six month now that we deploy the reef ball at Batu Penyu near Talalg-Talang Island. A recent dive reveal that hard and soft coral has started to grow on the balls. There are now some resident fishes and other bottom creatures. We want to conduct a regular monitoring dive to observe growth of coral and other development."

6) A marine reserve/park in Cancun Mexico is considering the use of Reef Balls to take diving, fishing and other pressures of the natural reefs.

7) 100 Reef Balls have been approved to be used in the Florida Keys for a research project. Our contractor Sea Us First is supervising the construction and deployment.

8) Punta Gorda and the Charlotte Harbor Artificial Reef Association have their big Reef Ball deployment underway with pre-deployment activities starting tommorow. Deployment is sceduled for the 6th, weather depending.

Have a good week!


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