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Date: May 26 1999 11:32:33 EDT
From: Reef Ball's Interested List <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #97

1) 2 Reef Ball mold systems were ordered today from a new client in Indonesia. The molds are planned to be shipped by air next week. No additional information is being released on this project at this time.

2) Yesterday's update contained a spelling error. The correct URL for the Reef Ball Coalition is

3) The first Reef Balls were constructed in the Maldive Islands this week. "I start some trial test of reef ball on Tari Village in Male' Nord Atoll 16 elements and I like to send you this first report. Generally the experiment is quite positive. 10 Reef balls will be located on the island as breacking waves in a channel with a very strong corrent and powerfull waves for test the stability 2 Reef balls will be transported and positioned on a diving spot at 20-25 meters deep and monitored by a scuba diving center for coral grow 2 Reef balls are designed for a snorkelling area 3-4 meters deep."

Photos will be posted to the Reef Ball Photogallery shortly.

4)A new time lapse video camera for underwater Reef monitoring is now available for under $2000. For more information contact:

Ulrich Lobsiger, President TrisMar Research Inc.
One Research Drive
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4M9
Phone 001 902 466 9946
Mobile 001 902 488 7129
FAX 001 902 466 6889

(Reef Ball has not tested these units yet and this information is not an endorsement of this product, only an announcement that may be useful to artificial reef managers).

5) From Maryland, "By the way, we got numerous questions regarding full-scale Reefballs from people who saw the miniball we displayed at a recent OCRF fundraiser in Ocean City (MD). They mainly wanted the cost/per unit so they could buy some to put on our offshore reefs. So far, we don't have conservation reefs but are pushing the idea of designating a reserve reef." (From Evelyn Myatt)

6) Report from Brazil's Ecoplan on there newest Reef Ball Reef, "We're still working on our environment agency permition and navy license. But I think we'll be able to make the first 1999 deployment by the end of this month". The long term plan for this project is to place 14,000 Reef Balls between two uninhabited island pinicales in the Brasilian state of Parana.

Have a great memorial day weekend!


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