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1) Staff completed a very successful training session at the Four Seasons
Resort in the Maldives Islands for the Reef Ball Coral Restoration Project.
We built and deployed several Reef Balls complete with transplants of 10
different species of hard corals.  The staff is now trained and will
continue to build, deploy, transplant and monitor the Reef Balls.  The
reason for the project was an extensive coral bleaching event that occurred
in 1990.  Many of the shallow water corals were destroyed by this event.  We
have been locating these species that survived in deeper waters but which
are currently imperiled (due to physical damage or other causes) and
transplanting them onto the Reef Balls using our new adapter plug
technology.  Photos of the project are online at in
the Photo Gallery under Four Seasons Resort Coral Restoration Project.

2) A new video is on-line called Reef Balls in the Baltic Sea.  It details
the scientific research of Marilym (A Reef Ball Authorized Contractor)
including investigations of the fouling community both with and without
Force 10,000 Microsilica.  It is 3.5 megs and about 5 minutes long and in
GERMAN.  Go to then the Video Section.

3) Todd Barber will be presenting a paper on coral transplant work at the
Marine Ornamentals Conference next week from Nov. 26-Dec 1st.  His
presentation will be on Thursday, November 29th Concurrent Session A: from
3:30-4:30.  The conference is being held at the Walt Disney World Wyndaham
Palace Resort and Spa in Orlando, Florida.


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