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Date: Nov 24 1999 13:43:41 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #125

1) Our staff are back from the trip to Guatemala. The project for Guatemala is being spearheaded by a non-profit organization “Land and Sea.” (Tierra y Oceana) During our visit, we obtained support for the project from the Guatemalan Navy, Department of Fisheries, Department of Tourism (INGUAT), Del Valle University, AFS (American Foreign Service, Pepsi Bottling Company, and the Reef Ball Foundation.

- The Guatemalan Navy will assist with permits, bottom surveys, scientific data, and deployments. More importantly, the Navy will serve as a key bridge between local artesian fisheries and the project to coordinate uses of Reef Balls that will benefit the local fishing industry.
- The Guatemalan Department of Fisheries is working on regulations and protection zones and supports the use of Reef Ball technology to assist in development of fishery resources in the country
- Department of Tourism (INGUAT) expressed the need for developing the Diving and Snorkeling industry in Guatemala through the use of Reef Balls and will help with project promotion and tourism development aspects.
- Del Valle University will provide scientific support for a wide variety of pre and post project studies.
- AFS (American Foreign Service) will use international students to be project managers for a variety of on-going Reef Ball projects and will develop training programs to maintain sustainablity of the Reef Ball projects throughout Guatemala. AFS has also donated the international transportation costs for the molds
- A Pepsi Bottling Company has offered to provide land based transportation for Reef Balls and molds, etc. anywhere in the country. Furthermore, Pepsi will coordinate through the Pepsi Marketing Department a meeting for local businesses and other donors to help raise funding for the projects.
-The Reef Ball Foundation will provide Reef Ball molds under the "Reefs Around The World" grant program for the project.
-Choice Hotels International donated accomodations and will continue to do so for future work.

The first Reef Ball projects will be located in the Bay of Amatique and surrounding areas in the Atlantic Ocean. Over time, the goal is to expand to other areas including the Pacific Ocean, estuaries and perhaps even freshwater lake projects.

Interest was also expressed by the University to host Dr. Lee Harris to be a guest lecturer to discuss possible uses of Reef Balls for beach protection and restoration.

2) There has been scientific interest in the siting of the small 12 inch jewfish on the Reef Balls, smaller jewfish have been previously sited mainly in mangrove root areas. If you have any information on jewfish populations, densities, etc. on Reef Balls please pass the information on to us. (

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!


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