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Date: Nov 30 1999 12:06:10 EST
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #126

1) Reef Ball staff are attempting to schedule another “world tour” visiting several existing and potential Reef Ball projects. We are now in the planing stages for a trip either traveling east and ending at the DEMA show on Jan 18th or beginning at the show and traveling west. We expect the trip duration to be 2-3 weeks. Scheduled stops have already been considered for Europe, Middle East, Maldives, Malaysia, Bali, Tasmania, British Columbia, or but any location where there is an existing Reef Ball project or potential for a project might be possible.

The travel team will include Todd Barber, President of Reef Ball, Kathy Kirbo, Executive Director of The Reef Ball Foundation, Larry Beggs, Vice President of Reef Ball, and Harry Rolfe representing Reef Innovations.

We will consider stopping by any site offering sales support, project training/optimization or monitoring services provided the hosting site can provide accommodations and out of pocket expenses for the duration of the stay in that location. We are traveling on “around the world” airfares which allow unlimited stops and flexible duration of stay but we will be restricted to cities served by the offering airline. Therefore we must select an airline which best fits the requests for stopovers. If your project or organization would like to offer to host, please contact the Reef Ball headquarters within the next few days if possible. (You can still contact us at any time before the trip but we may not be able to stop by depending on airline restrictions). We hope to select an airline this week.

2) The Leven Scuba Club in Tasmania, Australia received final approval from the government and the Reef Ball Foundation for a Reef Ball project. They will be receiving two Reef Ball mold systems soon.

3) We are planning a Reef Ball Stockholder Meeting and Reef Ball Foundation Board of Directors meeting for either Dec. 28-29th in Sarasota or alternately during the DEMA show in Las Vegas. If you are a board member or stockholder and have a preference for one of these dates let us know.


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