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Date: Oct 03 2000 12:33:01 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) CORALations, our authorized contractor and distributor in Puerto Rico
has new contact information: 

P.O. Box 750
Culebra, PR 00775
787-742-0591, 1-877-77CORAL / 1-877-772-6725

They are working with a dive instructor on a project for a hotel/resort.

2) A school/summer camp in Maryland is planning an on-going Reef Ball
project...more details as the project unfolds.

3) Plantations PortoMari in Curacao is exploring an additional use of Reef
Balls in their project to sequester CO2 to reduce global warming as an
extension of their reforestation work.

4) Marilim, our authorized contractor in Germany reported, "Eurodiving was
really a good show" and expects several projects as a result of the
exposure at the consumer scuba diving show.

5) Their will be an original story about artificial reefs written by John
Kumiski which will utilized Reef Ball images.
The story will begin running on Thursday, October 5 in the ezine.

6)  From SAUES (a non-profit organization involved with coral reefs) in
Southern Africa they report, "We are continuing with the application for
and the approval of the Reef Ball concept and project implementation and
will be contacting you shortly in this regard.  In addition and in
accordance with our coral reef research programs in Comores, Mauritius and
Mozambique, we have initiated requests through local contacts to initiate
Reef Ball off these areas. We will keep you updated in this

7) Reef Ball New Zealand is doing an article for Golden Bay Cement News.


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