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1) Staff will be traveling to the Four Seasons Resort in the Maldive Islands
from Nov. 7- Nov 17th for a project creating a reef for the hotel's clients
using Reef Balls and coral transplant technologies.

2) Mr. Todd Barber, CEO of Reef Ball Development Group, will be presenting
two papers on using Reef Balls and coral propagation techniques to raise 3rd
generation hard and soft corals for the Marine Aquarium Trade at the
Second International Conference on Marine Ornamentals
November 26 - December 1, 2001
Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa in Walt Disney WorldŽ Resort
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA

3) Marineland of Florida will have a Reef Ball display this month.
"We are putting three reef balls in the oceanarium itself, and we will keep
one reef ball outside on exhibit for people to look at. This is scheduled to
happen in cooperation with St. Augustine High School next Tuesday, Oct. 30."
The Reef Ball Foundation is lending educational banners about coral reefs
for the opening and to be on display this month.

4) The Nature Foundation in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten received a Reef Ball
Foundation Reefs Around the World Grant to construct an environmental reef.

5) There is an online article about Eternal Reefs

6) Reef Ball Foundation announces the availability of decorated Reef Balls
which are being sold as a fundraiser for RBF.  See for more

7) The Reef Ball Foundation, Inc. announces the acceptance of a new
authorized contractor, Marenter, S.A. De C.V. who will cover Mexico and
parts of the Carribean.  Marenter specializes in using Reef Balls as
submerged breakwaters and is currently working on 7 such projects in the
Cancun/Playa Del Carmen tourist region of Mexico.  Contact information for
them is available at

8) The Reef Ball Development Group is working with Maryland Environmental
Service to bring Reef Balls as oyster reefs to the Chesapeake Bay in
Virginia.  Reef Ball Development Group has available specific formula for
computing the amount of oysters which can colonize Reef Balls for mitigation
purposes and it turns out that due to high surface area as well as large
cubic feet volumes, Reef Balls are excellent for oyster reef mitigation and
provide more fish habitat than most 2 dimensional oyster beds.  Contact RBDG
if you need us to perform this analysis for oyster mitigation projects.

9) The Reef Ball Development in partnership with Eagles Nest Consulting and
Dr. Lee Harris have developed several new submerged breakwater designs for
protecting beaches.  The new designs can support submerged breakwaters in
depths to 20 feet on either sand or rock bottoms and are self anchoring.
They can be installed from shore without barge support and are designed to
last hundreds of years.

10) Qatar announced that they will deploy another 3000-5000 Reef Balls as
part of a government project to enhance the waters of the Arabian Gulf.


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