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Date: Oct 15 1999 14:06:05 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #111

We've been in San Remo for the International Artificial Reef Science Conference and we've got lots of news to report. The confernence was an overwhelming success with lots of papers on Reef Balls!

More details over the coming week but here are some quick highlights of the last two weeks...

1) Brazil deployed a bargeload of Reef Balls to commemorate the start of the large Ecoplan project with a final goal of over 14,000 Reef Balls. A second project is now antcipated in Rio.

2) We received great monitoring reports and Reef Ball updates from Taiwan, Brazil, Florida, Alabama, England, Maldives, Malaysia, Mexico and many others.

3)We are working on another Dive Shop related Reef Ball project for South Vancouver Island (40 miles north of Sidney).

4) The Secretary of the State of Florida will receive an plaque from Reef Ball Foundation today honoring the top grant receipant school St. Augustine High School for the Reef Ball program and Archeological project. The award will be presented at the St. Augustine Lighthouse that is celebrating there 125th anniversary.

5) On October 23, (next Saturday) at 11:00 AM at the Music Shed downtown Jacksonville (near the stadium) a press day will be held celebrating the 600+ Reef Ball Kirbo Memorial Reef. Construction of the Reef Balls has just been completed.

The reef is being built in honor of Charles H. Kirbo, who served as an advisor to President Jimmy Carter, was a trestee of the Carter Center, and a Trustee of the T.M. and Irene B. Kirbo Charitable Trust. The reef is being built entirely from a grant from the Kirbo Charitable Trust and the Reef Ball Foundation.

The project represents a collaberative effort between local schools, such as Mandarin High School, St. Augustine Hight School, and Jacksonville University, and community organizations and local businessess such as the Offshore Sport Fishing Club and the Reef Research Team.

More later about this and many new exciting projects...


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