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Date: Oct 27 1999 16:52:32 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #115

1) Dr. Heyward Mathews plans on adding 60 Reef Balls to a study site in Pinellas County. The goal is to assess perceived fishing effort /success verses diving transect observational data. Dr. Mathews decided to add Reef Balls to the study even though Reef Balls have less height (i.e the study includes sunk barges) when he dove the Reef Balls in Hernando County just north of Pinellas….he reported, “seeing 5-6 gag groupers in each reef ball and the reef balls were surrounded by lots of snapper”

[Note: Reef Balls are different than “high profile materials” in that Reef Balls are designed to produce fish whereas higher profile materials are known for the property of attracting fish.]

2) The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts in Tampa Florida will have 10 Bay Balls sited in downtown Tampa in areas with high public exposure and local artists will be invited to decorate the balls with cash prizes awared for the best design. Rules for decorating the balls will prohibit painting or applying anything on the balls that cannot be removed prior to deployment. Additional Reef Balls of all sizes will be on public display and the public will be encouraged to sponsor additional Reef Balls. After the festival, the Reef Balls will be deployed in Tampa bay off Ballast Point. The Reef Ball Foundation will have a booth at the Art Show. See for festival information.

3) The 1st Annual Century, Cobia, Yamaha, Family Kingfish Open ($5,000 grand prize) will be held in Sarasota November 13th 1999. The proceeds going to the Sarasota County Artificial Reef Program (more Reef Balls!)…if you would like details to participate, contact Mike Solum (

Or Contact Treasure Island Charities, Inc. 12781 Kingfish Drive, Treasure Island, FL 33706 directly.

4) We have a new search engine with lots more features to find your favorite Reef Ball web pages on the Reef Ball web page ( (It searches many Reef Ball sites like the Reef Ball Foundation, Eternal Reefs, Reef Ball Coalition and of course the Reef Ball Development Group’s pages).

Have a great day!

DEMA Booth Number #3368 & 3370


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