1) There are several new reports at www.artificialreefs.org under Scientific

     a) Dr. Lee Harris of Florida Institute of Technology's Report on Gran
Dominicus and Iberostar Resort Submerged Breakwater Reef Ball Projects
including 4 years of data and final conclusions in PDF Format.

     b) The Minahasa Marine Habitat Enhancement Program (A Reef Ball Project
by P.T. Newmount in Indonesia) is showcased in conjunction with the World
Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg).

     c) Four Seasons Resort, Maldives Monitoring Report Aug. 2002

2) Reef Ball staff postponed our trip to Yucatan, Mexico until Sept 2-5th to
be able to attend AQUAMAR International Congress in Cancun.

3) Dr. Lee Harris is traveling to Grand Cayman Islands today to assist in
the bottom survey work of the Grand Cayman Marriott submerged Reef Ball
breakwater project.  Reef Innovations trainers will arrive later this week
to assist installing the Reef Balls.

4) Two Reef Ball molds were ordered yesterday for projects in Saudi Arabia.
 The initial project will be by a Boy Scout troop.

5) ECOPLAN, Brazil (an authorized Reef Ball Contractor) has sent 30 reef
balls to the northern Rio de Janeiro State. They are for an academic study
conducted by Dra Ilana Zalmon from the "Universidade Estadual do Norte
Fluminense" (State University of Northern Rio de Janeiro)

6) New photos at www.artificialreefs.org under Photo Gallery for Maryland
Environmental Service Chesapeake Bay Oyster Restoration Project-1st