1) From Phil Stewman (High School Teacher) from St. Augustine. We have a
barge set for a June deployment and plan on building another 300 reef balls
this year with my students to bring to a total of 450 balls on our site. We
now have 26 balls on site and they are doing wonderful. We have documented
the beginnings of many sets of hard coral (Oculina) which is not suppose to
happen this far north. I was also surprised to see how many oysters we have
at this point. Groupers, Snappers, Triggers, Turtles, and a Nurse shark that
has been living in our broken reef ball that we named shark ball because of
the way it looked. He has been there for two years, he leaves but always
returns to the same ball. You can find a link to Phil's website with his
program description and the photos of his Reef Balls at
www.artificialreefs.org under the In The News or Project Summary Sections,
under the link titled "Sea Explorer Project, St. Augustine, Florida"  or
under the photo gallery links.

2) Manatee County and Sarasota County deployments are scheduled to begin next
week...we reported in error last week that the delay was due to permits when
in fact is was a problem with the barge's crane and production scheduling to
meet the deployment window.

3) The Cayman Island Marriott Beach Resort has obtained deployment
permissions and will begin deployment next week (weather allowing).

4) Reef Ball staff conducted a monitoring of the "Down With Art" sculpture
project done in 1995 with over 30 artists making underwater scuptures with
the supervision of Reef Ball staff.  Pictures can be found at
www.artificialreefs.org under Photo Gallery under the Club Cozumel Caribe
"Down With Art" link.

Attached, please find a picture of a Bay Ball from that project (If you look
closely, you will see the Reef Ball logo in the reef!

5) A Pallet Ball sized Reef Ball submerged breakwater still under
construction without anchors which were planned for next week was hit
directly in Progresso, Mexico by Isadora yesterday....it may be several days
before we know the condition of the Reef Balls.  Before the storm, 45 Pallet
Balls were placed in two rows in 1 meter of water.  Fiberglass rebar was to
be used for anchoring but the fiberglass rebar had yet to arrive on site.
Our authorized contractor, Javier, reports that he and his family are okay
after the storm but their house suffered damages.