1) The Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, Sovereign of the Seas, has completed
training and is currently building Reef Balls for their Coco Cay out island
in the Bahamas.  Photos will be on our website later this week.

2) There is a new report on our website which you won't even believe the
coral growth is so good...from Curacao, Portomari detailing the latest
update in the coral propagation and transplant Reef Ball project.  See the
picture at the bottom of this email for a taste of the report.  Go to
www.artificialreefs.org then click Scientific Reports then choose the first
link to PortoMari to see the report. It is in 3 sections in PDF format.

3) Reef Ball staff attended DEMA in Las Vegas last week and we are now
working on potential projects for Jamaica, Turks, St. Barts, California,
Mexico, Indonesia, Aruba, and many others.  Plans were made to participate
in CORAL's "Dive Into Earth Day" and for Reef Ball's upcoming 10th year
anniversary next July.

4) A special thanks to "Ocean Worlds" that donated a percentage of their
sales from the DEMA show to Reef Ball Foundation.

5) There are over 50 new articles in the press about Reef Balls now online
at www.artificialreefs.org then click In The News.

6) Sea Search of Virginia has a new Reef Ball t-shirt design out (it looks
GREAT!)...Reef Ball shirt collectors should contact Sea Search
(seasearch@reefball.com) to try to get a shirt.

more later....