1) The Reef Ball Foundation will be working with Reef Ball Asia to plan and
execute a coral restoration project for Tioman Marine Park in Malaysia.

2) The Reef Ball Foundation's rapid damage assessment team is being called
upon for an assessment of a ship grounding on a reef in a marine park in
Quintana Roo, Mexico.

3) Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd. staff will be in Argentina from Nov
8th- Nov 16th to work with a potential authorized contractor on submerged
Reef Ball breakwater projects in Argentina.  Reef Ball headquarters office
will be closed for that week.  Email will still be monitored and calls can
be directed to Larry Beggs (941-650-2519) or the Reef Ball Foundation.

4) The St. Marteen/Nature Foundation Reef Ball coral propagation project and
Reef Ball training has been scheduled for St. Marteen for Nov. 27 - Dec. 3rd.
 Volunteers are assisting the project from the Reef Ball PortaMari project
in Curacao and a graduate student from the University of Texas Marine
Science Institute who works under Dr. Joan Holt will attend the event to
learn more about coral propagation and in field aquaculture of corals.

5) Photographic monitoring of the Reef Balls at Catalina Island, California
was sent in this week by Brianne Berlin, Diving Director, Catalina Sea Camp.
 She reports that the Reef Balls are supporting a fantastic array of life.

6) Worldcare Tanzania and the Reef Ball Foundation are starting the initial
planning for a joint project in Tanzania.

7) The Reef Ball Foundation met yesterday with the TERRAZUL FOUNDATION FOR
BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY CONSERVATION of Columbia and we are planning a Reef
Ball project for Jan/Feb 2003 which will provide Reef Balls as a key element
in a Wildlife conservation and resource management program in Cabo de la
Vela of Guajira, Colombia.

8) Elliot Wiechula has started his Boy Scout Reef Ball project in Saudia

9) Reef Ball CEO Todd Barber will give an interactive chat presentation on
Reef Balls on www.reefs.org November 17th at 9 PM EST.  This presentation is
targeted for reef tank aquarium hobbiests.

10) There are several new scientific reports at www.artificialreefs.org in
the Scientific Resources section.

11) There are new Reef Ball posters that can be downloaded and printed for
displays at www.reefball.org.

This will be our last update for a couple of weeks while staff is in