1) The Mexico Beach (Florida) Artificial Reef Assocation is having a
membership drive, visit them at http://www.mbara.org.  Mexico Beach
Artificial Reef Association has been a strong supporter of Reef Balls in the
Panhandle of Florida.

2) There are several new scientific reports on www.artificialreefs.org in
the Scientific Resources section.  Abstracts from several coral reef
scientific symposiums are also now online in searchable HTML format.

3) Reef Ball staff will be in Virgina this Wend-Fri. to support Sea Search
of Virginia's Reef Ball projects.

4) Maryland Saltwater Sportfish Association Reef Ball Report, Nov. 5th by
BIll Hubbert: "12 Lo-Pro Reef Balls were deposited on the memoria stadium
site in Oct.  These were constructed by Perry Hall Chapter Members.  5th
Grade students at Perry Hall Elementary School have mad 4 Reef Balls and
plan to build a total of at least 15 by Spring of 2003.  Oliver Beach
Community Association recently built 4 units, they have not set a goal yet
but we expect at least 20.  A workshop will be conducted at Brighton Dam on
Jan. 8th.  Teachers from schools in the Patuxent River watershed will be
invited to attend. Jodye Russell, WSC, is the coordinator and motivator of
this project.  Clint Waters, Dorchester County Chapter President expects to
have an active team.  Our goal of 100 lo-pro Reef Balls by May 15th, 2003 is

5) Why Washington State does not have Reef Balls (or artificial reefs),
From: Program Fish Management <FISHPGM@dfw.wa.gov> "The agency has no staff
currently working on transforming habitats in Puget Sound.  The research
done by WDFW staff about changing habitats from sand or silt to hard
substrate ("artificial reefs") was done under federal funding with state
match money.  The federal funding sources that funded this work were reduced
and the state match is no longer available due to subsequent budget
reductions.  These habitats were originally seen as a way to increase
fishing opportunities.  Unfortunately, the stocks of fish attracted to the
areas are currently heavily overfished.  Regarding priorities for WDFW
expenditures, staff members have discussed the option of "enhancement" of
various stocks versus management of natural production.  The amount of "new"
or transformed habitat that could be placed could not begin to equal what
the natural environment of the Sound could produce if managed well.   The
limited funds available to WDFW for management of these resources must be
prioritized toward managing the stocks for rebuilding. At this point, State
Parks and Recreation Commission is the agency charged by the legislature to
create underwater parks.  If other groups are interested in placement of
artificial reef-type materials, we recommend State Parks be contacted.  The
published reports on the data WDFW biologists collected historically can be
made available.  We have been able to make some of the biologists involved
in the data collection available for discussions of project options.  For
further clarification and information, please contact Mary Lou Mills
directly at (360) 902-2834."

6) The Reef Ball Manatee County Coral Transplant training day has been
postponed this week...heavy winds and rapid water temperature changes may be
placing corals under temporary stress so transplanting will be postponed
until the conditions are more stable.  A new date has not been set.

7) The Reef Ball Coalition (Reef Ball Eco-vacations) will be merged into the
Reef Ball Foundation and will no longer be a for-profit company.  All
proceeds from Reef Ball Coalition trips will go directly the the Reef Ball