1)      Reef Ball did a monitoring with Semarnat (Marine Park) staff of the Reef
Balls deployed in 1994 in Cancun, Mexico.  The Reef Balls are doing
exceptionally well representing a truely natural coral reef.  Pictures and a
report will be forthcoming on the website.

2) The Mayan Palace Submerged Breakwater project is well underway with 700
Super, Ultra, Reef and Pallet Balls already constructed (over 1,200 will be
required to complete the project).  Deployments are scheduled to start next
week.  See the picture attached to this email to get a sense of how many
Reef Balls are in this project!

3)  Eternal Reefs Inc., will be featured in the Discovery Channel
documentary, "Extreme
Funerals" airing Friday, December 13th at 10:00 PM EST [TONIGHT!].  This is
expected to be a 10 minute segment featuring Reef Balls!

4) Dr. Lee Harris will travel to Norfolk, Virginia this weekend to study
possible uses of Reef Balls to stem beach erosion in conjunction with our
authorized contractor Sea Search of Virginia.

5) News from Reef Ball New Zealand at OPAPE MARAE "We have some 30 Bay Balls
in the water now, randomly distributed in a fairly tight area of
approximately 20m by 20m.  One or two will be broken as our concrete mix was
not up to specs, but we deployed 6 off the rafts and divers found four the
next day in very murky conditions but none had broken.  On the strength of
this we deployed the remainder of 26 bayballs using two tow boats and four
rafts.  Divers have yet to go down and right any balls on their sides as
weather has been extremely bad.  On Saturday 21 we plan on deploying the
remaining four reefballs at a ceremonial day at Opape.  Most likely Te
Karere News will be present, and Trevor Good from Skill New Zealand, our
Course funders."

6) From Iran, "There will be a plan for establishing a pilot reef ball site
in Hormozgan province; Islamic Republic of Iran in early 2002, Construction
of the reef ball will be done by Iranian co. located in Bandar Abbas."

7) From Barcelona, Spain, "Litoral Consult of Barcelona has communicated
that they have been
accepted at project level the acquisition on the part of the City Council of
Barcelona of 5 molds of the Ultra Ball. With them 50 units will be built
initially dedicated to the project "Coastal
Front of Barcelona", for the Year of the Cultures 2004."

8) From Mexico, "Camino Real Hotel will deploy 20 pallet reef balls in a
small sea water lagoon"