1) Comsolida S.A., a Reef Ball Authorized Contractor in Merida, Yucatan,
Mexico has begun construction and installation of a submerged breakwater in
partnership with the local and federal authorities.  The project will cover
about 100 meters and uses special Pallet Balls designed specifically for use
as submerged breakwaters.

2) Marenter S.A., a Reef Ball Authorized Contractor in Cancun, Q. Roo,
Mexico has begun the construction and installation of a submerged breakwater
for the Hotel Mayan Place in the Mayan Riveria.  This project will consist
of 5 Rows of Balls...the first will be a Row of Super Reef Balls (not
commercially available except to contractors), Two Rows of Ultra Reef Balls,
One Row of Reef Balls, and One Row of Pallet Balls. These units have coral
transplant adaptors for a future coral transplant project.

3) M/S Sovereign of the Seas, a member of the fleet of Royal Caribbean
Cruise Lines, is ordering 6 Reef Ball molds of various sizes for an
environmental award grant they received which they have chosen to use at
Coco Cay, Bahamas.  The molds are tentatively scheduled to arrive by
transport on the M/S Sovereign of the Seas to Coco Cay on Sept. 30th with
training to follow that week.  A second training will occur a month or so
later to teach Royal Caribbean staff to propagate and transplant corals onto
the Reef Balls to create snorkeling trails and other environmental
enhancements at Coco Cay.  Congratulations to M/S Sovereign of the Seas for
winning the environmental award!

4) Coral Life of Malaysia ordered two more Reef Balls for a coral
restoration project on Langkowi.

5) Deployments have been delayed due to permit delays in Sarasota, County,
Manatee County and at the Marriott Beach Resort on Grand Cayman.  We'll let
you know when these projects resume.

6) Maryland Environmental Service (MES) and Maryland Sportsman Assoc. (MSA)
deployments are tentatively scheduled for Oct. 3rd in the Chesapeake Bay
Reef Ball Oyster Restoration project.  MSA is also building Reef Balls in
association with various elementary schools in the area and expects further
deployments in the Spring.

7) The Reef Ball Foundation and Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd. have
become official partners of the Gulf Shrimper database which maps
coordinates of natural and artificial reefs so they are not accidentally
damaged by shrimp trawling activities.  You can help to prevent your reefs
from being damaged by sending the coordinates to coordinates@reefball.com
for any of your Reef Ball, natural or other artificial reefs.  Within 24
hours, shrimp trawlers will have the coordinates in their navigation system
and will avoid the spots!

8) The United States Coral Reef Task Force will meet in San Juan, Puerto
Rico, October 2-3, 2002.  The Reef Ball Foundation has been nominated for an
award by the task force in the Category, "Public Awareness and Education &
Significant International Contributions to Coral Reef Conservation"

Photo Below: Super Sized Reef Ball Mold in Mexico.

[Note: Reef Ball staff were in Mexico longer than expected last week
assisting projects and several staff members are returning to Mexico for 5
more days this Friday, also, Larry Beggs has been hospitalized for heart
related tests so we may be a bit slow on returning non-critical messages
this week and next week, thanks in advance for your patience]