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Date: Sep 13 2000 15:27:41 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) 26 Reef Balls were deployed in Lake Zurich last week by PADI Aware
foundations, PADI Europe, Bar Sport (a PADI 5 star dive center).  Kurt
Amsler, a renown world underwater photographer, managed the project and
Jack Lavanchy, soon to be accepted into the Diving Hall of Fame, was the
patron for the project.  A matching grant was provided by the Reef Ball
Foundation, Inc.  PADI Aware plans to offer the use of 26 Reef Ball molds
of various sizes to any PADI Europe 4 or 5 star Dive Center that can use
them in a project that is beneficial to the environment and to scuba
diving.  The purpose of the initial project was to work out protocols for
using this large number and variety of molds by Diving instructors and
volunteers primarily for use in freshwater lakes.  Images of the project
will be available on the Reef Ball websites within a week or so.

2)  Reef Ball Foundation, Inc. has upgraded it's research vessel to
a 33ft twin engine boat capable of holding 12 people.  RBDG will not have
a research or press vessel available for use for about 6 weeks while the
retrofitting of equipment occurs.  During this time, Reef Innovation's 24
foot Boston Whaler will be used for research and press trips.  The new
vessel will be christened "Reef Ball II."  Any authorized contractor,
affiliated Reef Ball Company or non-profit or research organization that
has been involved in a Reef Ball project may submit a peal and stick
graphic, up to 2 x 2 for inclusion on the boat.  Contact if your organization would like to promote your
affiliation with Reef Ball on the boat.  There is no charge for this

3)  A Reef Ball project to research the combination of Reef Balls and hard
coral transplants has been accepted by a non-profit organization in
Malaysia.  The group is awaiting governmental permission for a site and
hopes to have the research started by November of this year.

4) Another Reef Ball coral propagation project is being planned for the
Marshal Islands, similar to the project in Pago Pago.  Again, the
non-profit CORL organization is spearheading this effort.

5) Eternal Reefs is producing a Press Kit CD complete with high res.
Photos, videos and more.  For more information in this contact


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