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Date: Sep 20 2000 12:34:00 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) 52 Reef Balls are being sent to Lantana, Florida today for deployment
this weekend (Sat.).

2) The 400+ Reef Ball project for Plantations PortoMari in Curacao is
being planned now for January, 2001.

3) John Lane sent a great picture of Reef Balls with fantastic growth and
schools of fish from Volusia County's Reef Ball site.  His message, "See
http:\\ for a list of Volusia County 's art reefs
including the Reef Balls on Site 1 at 44396.1, 61973.9 ;29 09.32'N, 80
40.62' W. They are doing great. See attached photo."

4) The environment committee in the state of Qatar on the Arabian Gulf is
making plans to place hundreds of Reef Balls in the Gulf.

5) Reef Ball New Zealand expects support from a major NZ foundation and is
planning a breakwater enhancement project with Reef Balls.

6) A research project was approved in West Malaysia to research CO2
sequestration rates on Reef Balls which utilize Reef Ball standardized
asexual coral reproduction plugs.

7) Reef Innovations is building 500 Reef Ball for the State of N.C. and
the Long Bay Artificial Reef Association is getting another 100 Ultra
sized Reef Balls for South Port, N.C.  There is another 500 proposed for
Wilmington.  Reef Innovations should be manufacturing Reef Balls in NC
through November...if any one has interest in additional Reef Balls being
produced for that region while Reef Innovations is producing in North
Carolina, reduced prices are available until November through Reef

8) The Coastland Times, Raleigh NC 9/12/200 published an article "500
artificial reef balls nearly ready to be sunk...Environmental Thinking"
and The Virginia Pilot published an article "Man Made Marine Habitat" on
9/12/200.  There is a feature article in the Autumn 2000 Number 17 New
Zealand Professional Skipper (page 22) called "Reef Balls...instant reef,
just add water and Fish" and as is becoming the norm a monthly column in
the Southwest Florida Fishing News on Reef Balls. These features and other
recent articles will be place on our web site with the next few weeks
(Sorry folks, we have had so many articles about Reef Balls in the last
few months that our scanning volunteers are a bit behind...we hope to
catch up soon).

9) Reef Ball Rocks reports more "red tape" in obtaining an aquaculture
permit to grow miniature Reef Balls for salt water aquarists...the Florida
Aquaculture Department reports that it will be at least 6 months before
the permit can be processed.  

10) The NEP Manatee County/Sarasota County inshore Reef Ball project may
experience a one or two month delay due to the loss of some key employees
at the NEP.  The NEP is looking for replacements for these positions and
the project will be a priority for the new employees once hired.

11) Manatee County received notice of a grant award for Reef Balls for the
3 mile south reef offshore.  The project will start its planning phases
this winter.


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