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Date: Sep 21 2000 10:25:31 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

1) From International Reality Consultant's  Website Estero Bay's Ecosystem
and the Reef Ball 
Artificial reefs being deployed underwater all over the world to foster
vegetation and boost fish populations may be just what Estero Bay needs to
rejuvenate its natural habitat. The concrete-textured buoy designed with
various sized holes allows life to cling to its surface, and the holes
increase circulation, mimicking a natural reef. Reef balls would promote
plant and sea life for the failing estuary, and if used around imbedded
channel markers would help keep the markers from being dislodged when they
are hit by boats. Collier County's Division of Natural Resources
Management is just beginning to look into the possibility of utilizing the
reef ball programs for its waterways which have experienced environmental
destruction through storm water run-off. 

2) A Reef Ball/ Coral propagation project is being considered for Western
Australia near Ningaloo Marine Park.

3) Reef Ball Staff, Reef Innovations Staff, Sarasota County Marine
Resources and a marine science teacher from Sarasota County are meeting
today to plan an under dock program for residents of Sarasota County that
have docks.  The plan is for school children to coordinate the educational
efforts to sign up willing participants with docks (the participant will
be asked to pay the minor costs involved placing the Reef Balls under
their dock and for materials) and then the school will assist Sarasota
County Marine Resources department in obtaining a permit to do the
project.  On-going monitoring is also planned.  This project is mimicking
the success of the Punta Gorda under dock program done by the Charlotte
Harbor Reef Association.  An EPA booklet was published about this project
encouraging other communities with waterfront resources to adopt this
program as a way to provide essential habitats in the nation's bays and

4) The first Reef Balls were made in Germany this week by Reef Ball
Authorized Contractor Marilim. Marilim will have a booth at EURODIVING in
Munich this week.

More later...


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