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Date: Sep 02 1999 11:26:52 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #107

1) The deployment of 1200 Pallet sized Reef Balls in Georgia offshore waters will begin this week and continue on a weekly basis until finished, weather depending.

2) The New Jersey Council of Dive Clubs updated Reef Ball with the following...
-Reef Balls made the entire front page of NJ Reef News, 1999 Annual Edition.
-Reef Balls will be stockpiled until early summer, when over 600 of them will be barged offshore for placement on New Jersey reef sites.
-Asbury Park Press published on June 30, 1999 "New deep-sea digs: Reef Balls on the ocean floor to lure fish"
-More than 1,000 Reef Balls have been placed or constructed so far.
-The Artificial Reef Association has an "Adopt-A-Reef Habitat" program where individulals can adopt additional Reef Balls for New Jersey for as little as $50 in quantity or $125 for a single Reef Ball. Contact the Reef Program at 609-748-2020 for more information.
(Adoption incluses nameplate, T-shirt, certificate, listing as sponsor, and for 12 or more Reef Balls you can name the reef on New Jersey Reef Charts!)

3)A limited number of high quality aquacultured full sized Reef Balls are available after 4 years of culture in tropical coral reef waters. These Reef Balls will only be sold to large public aquariums capable of providing a "live tank" environment suitable to sustain the Reef Ball's growth. It also must be an educational facility open to public viewing. Contact Reef Ball for pricing details.

4) The Associacion Tierra y Oceano (Land and Ocean)in Guatemala is working with the Reef Ball Foundation to raise funds for a Reef Ball project in Guatemala.

5) The State of New York, DNR, is planning on purchasing Reef Ball molds for ongoing projects.

6) The Army Corp of Engineers is making plan to purchase and deploying 100 Pallet Balls in Lake Okeechobee, Florida.

7) Reef Ball Staff will be in San Remo, Italy for the Artificial Reef Conference and will be arriving several days before the confererence. If you wish to meet with us before the meeting please contact the office.

Have a great day!


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