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Date: Sep 08 1999 16:25:43 EDT
From: "Reef Ball's Interested List" <>
Subject: Reef Ball Update

Message #108

1) Cindy Dawson from the Catalina Island Marine Institute in California reports 1/2 of the planned 30 Reef Balls have been installed in bay this Summer. The remaining Reef Balls will be put down later this month. Cindy is delighted with the results, already she reports eels, lobsters, octopus, fish and algae growth. Monitoring and studies are a continuing part of the project. This project was funded by a mold grant from the Reef Ball Foundation.

2) Students from New College in Sarasota cleared the first hurdle to obtaining a $5,000 grant to study Reef Balls and now await approval from Sarasota County Commissioners. The plan on studying the best locations to use Reef Balls under channel markers in Sarasota Bay. Variable include depth, currents and proximity to habitats. Studied groups include juvenile fish, adult fish, "bait" peligic fish, stone crabs and observations on growth patterns.

3) This week, Kevin Conely is "retiring" as the SPARS/Reefkeepers Manager, the Reef Ball project in British Columbia. He has accepted a position as Offshore/West Coast Project Coordinator for DFO Oceans Directorate, and is moving to Ucuelet this weekend to assume his new duties immediately. His responsibilities include assisting in coordinating designation of offshore marine protected areas at Endeavour Hot Vents and Bowie Seamount.

Linda Nichol (Shorekeepers Manager) or Paula Doucette (recent environmental sciences graduate from Dalhousie University with experience in diver stewardship projects in the tropics) will be assuming much of the coordination role for Reefkeepers and probably SPARS over the coming months.

Thanks Kevin for all the great Reef Ball science!

4) Rusty Thornhill have was awarded a publishing arrangement and will begin a book centered around Reef Ball endeavors.

5) An article about designed reefs and Reef Balls as an alternative to "materials of opportunity" and with a photograph of a Reef Ball hit the AP wire this weekend and was published in many newspapers across the country this past Tuesday.

Keep those oceans clean!


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