Marriott Grand Cayman Submerged Breakwater Reef Ball Project Construction Photos

Photos and comments byTodd Barber. Construction by Hadsphaltic. Training by RBDG and Reef Innovations. Pictures available in High Resolution from

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8/13/02 12:10:27 PM
640 x 480

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8/13/02 12:10:29 PM
640 x 480
The brick in the bottom give us a 3 foot center void.

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8/13/02 12:10:32 PM
640 x 480
The units came out about 4 feet, 3 inches. We varied the pours so they ranged from 4 feet to 4 Feet, 3 inches so that we could use the taller units when the sea floor dipped or the shorter units when it rose so the tops of the Reef Balls would always be at the same depth making for a smooth looking reef top.

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8/13/02 1:59:08 PM
11248 x 400
Full view of Marriot Beach on 8/11/2002 at low tide before the Reef Balls are in place.

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