1)      Summer 2003 Monitoring Reports (Thanks Marjo Bulck) from the Curacao Reef
Ball Coral Propagation and Transplant project are now on the web at the Reef
Ball Mapping system http://www.reefball.com/map/curacao.htm
Below, find a progression photo of one of our propagated corals.

2) PhD Candidate Rita Steyn rs356098@ohio.edu from Ohio University was
trained on the Reef Ball coral propagation and transplanting system and Reef
Ball construction this week for a project in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.  Her
training and funding for the mold was provided by a grant from the Reef Ball
Foundation and Reef Innovations.  Soft (octa) corals were transplanted onto
the Eternal Reef Balls in Manatee County as part of her training. For more
information on the full project, go to the world mapping system and click on

3) Reef Ball Foundation and Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd. staff will
visit Nassau, Bahamas this weekend for collaboration and work with BREEF --
(Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation). (www.breef.org).

4) 25 Ultra Ball Sized Reef Balls were constructed in Barcelona Spain this
week and will be deployed in about 30 days as a snorkeling/diving trail.
Photos of the project including "Layer Cake" Reef Ball are on our mapping
system http://www.reefball.com/map/spain.htm

5) There are new news articles about the 600 Reef Balls being deployed in
Lake Pontchartain, Louisiana this month at
There are new articles about the Maryland MSSA activities and the Pensacola
Eternal Reef Ball deployments too.

6) There are new scientific papers from Dr. Lee Harris on the Grand Cayman
Reef Ball submerged breakwater project and submerged breakwaters in general
at http://www.artificialreefs.org/ScientificReports/research.htm

7) The Reef Ball Foundation is donating the remainder of our Manatee County
coral propagation and transplant research project tank raised hard corals to
the Florida Aquarium for continued use in the Aquarium's propagation